Marketers line up as Facebook announces stories ads for facebook and messenger

Facebook and messenger

Facebook announced the ads for facebook stories will be out soon back in July. This week, it has been confirmed that all the businesses are allowed to advertise with facebook stories. Moreover, the announcement stated that the Messenger Stories are also coming soon.

You can have facebook story ads as an addition to your news feed or Instagram stories campaigns, in which the latter are shown to your followers while the former are presented to your friends. You can deliver the message right in full screen, as a story is being shown to a viewer. It will help in better reach and higher performance for your campaigns in messenger too.

The Facebook and Messenger stories are more or less the same as the social giant announced their merging in November last year. However, it is a great idea of keeping the advertisement campaigns separate and something that makes sense too.

The facebook stories ads will have all the features you can find for Instagram story ads. You will have various tools to track your campaigns, including the reach, brand awareness, video views, installs, and much more. The complete targeting suit makes it a heart favorite for social media marketers and complimenting it is the following study.

According to The Social Network, some stats were published that showed how well the ads in stories can perform. Conducted by Ipsos, the report stated that 68% of the users are using stories on a minimum of three different apps on regular basis. Moreover, 63% of them plan to increase their use of the feature even more in future. Also, 38% of the individuals that saw a product or service while viewing a story talked to someone about it. And to top it all, 34% of the individuals went to stores looking for these items.

Furthermore, the social media giant has been working on improving the stories ever since and new features are being developed and tested. These include the new blur and slo-mo effects. Music filter is also being improved and they are trying to add a beat detection element which will sync the visual elements according to the song that is being played in the background.

According to most of the experts, the stories are future of social sharing. As per the data usage report available at the facebook backend, the results clearly indicate that people are now moving away from news feed sharing while the stories are becoming popular with each passing day.

A notable thing here is that only 300 million daily active users are found for stories for both messenger and facebook. However, the total number of active users on these platforms is about 3.5 billion each day. Considering that, the user activity for stories is less than 10%. But the fact that backend stats show a shift in trend is one of the biggest reasons why facebook is pursuing with the idea of stories.

But keeping it in contrast to the originators of the stories idea, snapchat, facebook has gone way beyond them when it comes to the use of stories. Snapchat has a total 188 million daily actives for their stories while facebook, despite some people thinking that the stories are underperforming on the platform, has achieved the mark of 300 million+ actives per day.

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