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Review about M&S social media campaign

M&S stands for Mark & Spenser. It is multinational retailer for selling different kinds of products like clothing, home decor, kitchen appliances etc. It has captured attention of people all over the world. It focus on social media interaction with their customers.


M&S is an multinational retailer having headquarter in London. It is listed in stock exchange of London. This company included in 100 index of stock exchange. It constitute different products for selling such as home decor, food items and clothing. You can purchase anything you want either online or offline. Michael Marks and Thomas Spenser are founders of this retail company. It serves people worldwide. It was founded in 1884 in United Kingdom. It contains thousands of employees who work with this company.

Products selling at M&S

Marks and Spenser sells clothes, food products and home decor. It contains different branches all over the world. Initially, sales of all products was high. Recently, it is observed that sales of clothes has been fallen. On the other hand, sales of food products has been increased. Due to this reason, it has many food operating branches. It has largest store in oxford street London. It introduces different social media campaigns throughout the year. It earns largest profit throughout the year with some fluctuations. It started its products selling internationally by building a store in Paris during 2011. Mark and Spenser also interact with people all over the world. It consists of different loyal customers all over the world. It means it has millions of customers all over world. These customers are attracted through social media campaigns. M&S started its new campaign of selling food products. It has pages on different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

Social media campaigns

Social media provides a platform for your brand to become multinational. When you buy real instagram followers, you can extend your business out of your local station among Instagram followers from all over the world. This is possible by social media interaction with customers. Mark and Spenser started its products selling out of station by making store in Paris. It has now different branded stores all over the world. It hired thousands of employees recently for its new stores. International news channels keeps in touch with hot news about Mark and Spenser retail company. It started its campaign on social media channels for increasing sales.

Getting reviews

Mark and sensor focuses on making its customers happy. It gets views about its new launched products from users. After that, it adds value in those products. It has recently launched its official website. It gets reviews on daily basis and then analyse impact of interaction with customers on ecommerce. It listens its employees and customers for changing products and services. It is getting positive reviews on social media channels. In addition, it provides high value added services by providing high quality products. Recently it has launched food products testing by celebrities. There are positive reviews about M&S retail company by customers. You should go either online or offline for purchasing high quality products from Mark and Spenser.