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How Smart Speakers Are Changing the Way We Listen to Music

Smart Speakers

An opinion piece which Pitchfork published on June 29, explores the way these smart speakers are changing the way people listen to music. The report also shows the number of sales which increase from the year 2016 to 2017. This year, the analysts say that there will be a sale of more than 60 million units all across the world.

Number of people with smart speakers

NPR and Edison Research researched 39 million Americans. The research reported that almost 16% of the country’s population has a speaker. It is the result of January 2018.

The study also encompasses the part which Amazon plays. Amazon is controlling almost the entire smart speaker market. They sell Amazon Echo which is a huge hit among the users. There is also a lot of competition with Google’s Home, Cortana by Microsoft which is present in the Kardon speaker. There is also the Apple’s Siri-run HomePod. Seeing the success of these smart speakers, the companies such as Samsung, Panasonic are also launching their speakers.

Smart speakers draw the listeners to the branded music

One change that these smart speakers have bought is the branded music platforms. According to the research by NPR and Edison Research, the most popular feature of these smart speakers is the streaming music. According to the survey, almost 60% of the people who use smart speakers ask it to play music, and 30% ask the speaker to ask general questions. Almost 28% of people ask the speakers to get weather. According to the article by NPR and Edison Research, “Three of the most valuable technology companies in the world are deploying interactive speakers to draw listeners to their branded music platforms…”

According to the research, the streaming music services are more popular, and people tend to use these more as compared to downloading the music. The music streaming companies like Apple Music, Spotify, etc. are all capitalizing on this. They are now working hard to give the users and listeners a more personalized experience.

Ryan Redington who is the music director at Amazon it is easy to listen to music now. The smart speaker makes the “technological friction” disappear, he says. Now playing a music list is easy.

Music is becoming a necessity for many households

These smart speakers give free access to digital music. The freely available and accessible music is now slowly becoming a necessity in every household. According to the research article on Pitch, these small devices are a part of the larger campaign in which the entire community will connect over the smart speakers to listen to music. These devices also connect the various aspects of a house. For example, the users can adjust the home’s thermostat using Amazon’s Echo. Google Home can integrate into doorbells, thermostat, alarms and more. All these features along with free digital music, it is bringing a change.

These smart speakers facilitate the users with small commands and sample questions. It is a start, and it will be more intelligent as the interactive artificial intelligence comes in the devices.