3 Best home remedies for fleas

Flea home remedies

Fleas are a great anxiety for the pet owners as your beloved pet can catch the fleas at any time. Fleas are the parasites that feed on in the animal’s blood and it can also bite you and your pet. The key cause of fleas being considered as an annoyance is through their biting practices. […]

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Iran Sanctions for 2018

On May 8th, 2018, the president of U.S Donald Trump made an announcement, and according to it, he said that the United States would withdraw itself from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Along with the decision, the President also issues a memorandum named National Security Presidential Memorandum. That memorandum re-imposed the sanctions which applied […]

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How Smart Speakers Are Changing the Way We Listen to Music

Smart Speakers

An opinion piece which Pitchfork published on June 29, explores the way these smart speakers are changing the way people listen to music. The report also shows the number of sales which increase from the year 2016 to 2017. This year, the analysts say that there will be a sale of more than 60 million […]

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A Road Map for Sustaining Healthy Eating Behavior

Healthy Eating Behavior

Food, nourishment and health policy creators are balanced with two related issues more than other like overweight and environmental change. Buyer explore has concentrated essentially on particular regions of supportable sustenance, for example, natural nourishment, local and traditional food, meat substitution. The more all-encompassing perspective of maintainable adhering to a good diet behaviour has gotten […]

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Review about M&S social media campaign

M&S stands for Mark & Spenser. It is multinational retailer for selling different kinds of products like clothing, home decor, kitchen appliances etc. It has captured attention of people all over the world. It focus on social media interaction with their customers. Introduction M&S is an multinational retailer having headquarter in London. It is listed […]

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